Week of August 14-18

Week of August 14-18


The 2017-2018 school year is underway!  Grade 4 is off to a great start and ready for our learning experiences to begin.  Thank you to all the parents who helped make sure their children were ready with all the materials necessary to start the year.

Adriana’s Birthday Lunch!!!

We are very excited to celebrate Adriana’s Birthday this Friday 18 here in school during lunch time. Adriana’s mom will bring pizza, cake and drinks to share with both classes. Don’t pack up lunch for this day.

Thank you


Note: Every Friday has been designated “School Spirit Friday.” We are asking students to join in with staff in showing our Discovery pride by wearing a Discovery shirt every Friday. If your child needs a shirt, please stop by the office and order your shirt whit Ruth the secretary.

This Week’s Activities:

Math:  This week we will be deepening our understanding of place value in order to lay the foundation for the rest of the number work we will do throughout the year.  The students will learn to put numbers into standard form, expanded form, and word form.  They will also practice comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding numbers to the nearest thousand and ten-thousand place value.

 Reading:  This week we will be introducing our literacy program to  the students. We will have students begin their ‘self-selected reading’ program and commence our ‘guided reading’ program with the first class novel of the year, Stone Fox.   We will be working on character sketches and how to describe the physical and personality traits of the main characters in a story. We will also talk about the different types of genres and how to identify the genre of their books.

Grammar: The students will be able to compare complete and incomplete sentences in their interactive language notebook.

Writing:  In writing this week we will begin practicing descriptive writing, emphasizing the writing trait of “Ideas.”  Students will be learning about adding interesting details and descriptive words when describing something they like or don’t like.

 Social Studies:  This week we will begin our ‘Maps and Globes’ social studies unit.  The students will be labeling a world map with the major oceans, continents, and hemispheres.  We will then be learning about population and area, and comparing the continents using these criteria.

Thanks for stopping by to see what We’re  planning for this week, and We appreciate so much your support of your child’s education.

Have a great week everyone

Ms.K and Ms.Dariela



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