August 21-25

August 21-25

Welcome to a new week of learning experiences in Discovery Grade 4!  We hope you had a lovely weekend.  Thanks for stopping by to check in!

This week we will begin working on IXL.  Students should practice all of the skills indicated in the blog by Sunday evening at the latest.  Students should wait to do the IXL skills until they have been introduced in class.

This Week’s Fourth-Grade Activities:


Math: A.2, A.7

Language Arts: A.5

Math:  This week students will be practicing comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers through the millions.  We will also continue to work on problem-solving strategies.

Reading:We will continue reading our class novel “Stone Fox” and be working on character sketches and how to describe the physical and personality traits of the main characters in a story. We will also talk about the different types of genres and how to identify the genre of their books.

Grammar:  This week we will review complete and incomplete sentences.

Writing:   For writing, we will continue our focus on the writing trait of “Ideas,” using descriptive language to make ideas and details interesting.  Students will be drafting and publishing their descriptive writing about something they love or can’t stand.

Spelling:  The focus of this week’s words will be important vocabulary words from our class novel Stone Fox.  Each week the students will receive their words and phonics lesson on MONDAY, they then have the rest of the week to complete their homework, which will be due Friday morning.  This week we will introduce students to the “Spelling Menu,” a list of practice activities from which they choose 3 to complete throughout the week.  Students must have one assignment completed on Wednesday to show to the teacher, but the rest of the activities are due Friday morning. Students may continue using the website Spelling City, which includes several free games students can use to practice their spelling words (or even take a practice test!). This can be accessed from home, and is completely free! Feel free to check it out! The spelling homework will prepare them for the quiz on FRIDAY.

Social Studies:  In social studies, we will continue our geography unit, focusing on latitude and longitude and learning about the different types of maps.



As the caring and supportive community that we are, the school is asking for our parents, teachers and students support for Ms. Regina Ochoa. She has been helping her mother for the past month in her fight against cancer. To pay for a necessary treatment, Ms. Regina has organized a Noche Beneficiosa to raise funds. This will take place on Thursday, August 31 anytime from 12:00 to 8:30 p.m. at McDonald’s on Juan Pablo II. Tickets can be gotten directly from Ms. Regina in the secondary building, or you may ask Ms. Ruth for them.

We thank you in advance for your support!

Have a great week,

Ms. Karen and Ms. Dariela


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