September 4- September 8

September 4- September 8

Welcome back to a new fun and learning experience for this week. It is hard to believe how fast time pass. We just completed our first month in school. Among other things we would like to request parents to please let your kids to bring their electronics to class, since they are using them for researching on different projects in class. (They will be used for educational purposes only).

This week´s Activities in grade 4

IXL: Math skills:    T.4, B.1                        Language skills: A.1

Math: This week we will be having our first chapter 1 math test, on Wednesday September 6th. We will be reviewing these two first days in class, place value, comparing and ordering whole numbers and decimals. We will be also learning one more strategy for Word problem solving, Look back and check. Finally we will begin learning how to compute sums and differences mentally.

Reading: In reading this week we will continue discussing the different connections we might find in books. This time we will be focusing in text-to self connections while reading our class novel Stone Fox.

Writing: In writing the students will continue working on a new idea, writing a small descriptive paragraph including three new ingredients, (ACTION, Feelings and SETTING).

Spelling: This week we will continue using more vocabulary words from our novel Stone Fox.  Each week the students will receive their words and phonics lesson on MONDAY, they then have the rest of the week to complete their assignments from the spelling menu.

Grammar: In grammar we will be focusing on the different types of sentences and how understanding these allows writers to control the tone of their sentences in their writing pieces.

Social Studies: Students are explaining their understanding on maps and globes and different key features learned in class through different activities. 

Have a great week!

Ms.K and Ms. Dariela



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