September 11-15

September 11-15

Happy Independence Week!!! Welcome back to a new fun week of fun and learning at Discovery School. Pay close attention to this blog, we have several announcements for this week.

Our Honduran Independence Day Celebration will take place on Wednesday, September 13. The breakdown for that day is as follows:

Our Homeroom parents have organized the Desayuno Catracho for our fourth graders. Please make sure to send in what you signed up for on Wednesday. Also if you have any typical artifacts to decorate our stand please send them in by Tuesday. All students must wear typical dress/outfit. (Except for the special presenters.)
4A will be representing Gracias a Dios
4B will be representing Olancho
This is short week and we won´t have spelling class.

This week´s activities

IXL: Math: B.4 and B.5

Math: This week in math we will continue  working with strategies to compute differences mentally. We will overestimating and underestimating numbers.

Reading: In reading this week we will finish working with connections, this time we will be focus on Text-to- World connections while  finishing reading our class novel Stone Fox.

Writing: In writing this week we will continue working with descriptive writing.

Science: This week we will begin our ¨Motion and Design¨ unit. Students will be introduced to the concepts of force, design, motion as we learn about blue prints as well.

Grammar: We will review types of sentences.



It is hard to believe that the midpoint for this first quarter is this Friday, September 8. The first Midterm Progress reports will be sent home on Wednesday, September 13.

TRAFFIC IN THE CITY as you are all aware of, the traffic in certain areas of the city is extremely difficult. We encourage all parents who drive their children to school to plan leaving at least 20 minutes prior to the normal time

The annual informational General Assembly will be held on Saturday, September 23, at 9:00 a.m. The Convocatoria went out last Friday.
Child care for those who need it will be available in the Early Childhood area. 

Check out the Weekly Menus for our Cafeteria at
The DPTO is selling tickets for the raffle of THREE Canastas Catrachas, a beautiful basket with Honduran goodies to enjoy with a cookout over the Honduran  Independence Day weekend (gift certificate for meat included).
Please support the DPTO and its activities by purchasing tickets at only L50 a piece. You can get them from any DPTO member or from Ms. Gaby Chavez or Ms. Ruth Villalobos in the main office.
The Elementary Students elected their Nature Ambassadors last Friday, September 8. These officers will serve as the Elementary School Student Council for the 2017-2018 school year.  They will be meeting next Tuesday, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. with Dr. Ketterer, Ms. Cristiana and Mr. Andrew.



Wednesday, September 13
Independence Day Celebration (Early dismissal 11:45 a.m.)

Progress Reports go homeThursday, September 14
Friday, September 15

Monday, September 18 – 29
MAP Exams

Saturday, September 23
General Assembly

Have a safe and fun long weekend!

Ms. K and Ms. Dariela


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