Hello students and parents! We hope you have had a great and relaxing long weekend.

Thank you Ms. Sandra Noguera and Ms. Josiana Marquina for setting up a delicious Desayuno Catracho for our students! Thank you to all the parents for sending in their contribution to this wonderful celebration too.

This week´s activities:

We would like to remind you that this week our students will have their first Map test. Fourth A and B students  will have their Math Map test on Wednesday 20th. Please take note of this to make sure your child comes to school that day and doesn’t miss the test.

IXL- Math: B.8

IXL-Language Arts: D.7

Math: This week in math we will continue working with strategies to compute sums and differences mentally. We will be overestimating and underestimating numbers.

Reading: In reading this week we will wrap-up our Making connections unit while finishing reading our class novel Stone Fox.

Writing: We will begin working on a comic book about the novel Stone Fox. Students will use their knowledge of descriptive writing and incorporate dialogue to their writing.

Science: This week we will continue our ¨Motion and Design¨ unit. Students will be introduced to the concepts of force, design, and motion. We will learn about blue prints as well. Students will be exploring the given pieces to create their own vehicle design.

Grammar: We will study subject and predicate in simple sentences.

Spelling: This week we will continue using more vocabulary words from our novel Stone Fox. We will also include vocabulary from our Motion and Design unit.  Each week the students will get their words on MONDAY, they must turn in one of the activities by Wednesday. They will have the rest of the week to complete their assignments from the spelling menu. All the activities are due on Friday, right before the Spelling Test.

Important News and Reminders:

Mid-Term: Progress Reports were sent home the last Wednesday. Please make sure to send it in signed ASAP. If you were required for a conference please contact your homeroom teacher to agree on date and time for the meeting.

Environmental Council: Our fourth graders presented their speeches this past week. We would like to congratulate Luciana Nuñez and Daniela Aguirre for their outstanding performance. They both will be representing us in the Environmental Committee throughout the school year. Way to go ladies!!

Recycled-Art Project:  As part of our Go Green policy, students have been required to bring in any recycled boxes or containers in order to make an art project. We strongly recommend NOT to buy anything, just send in whatever you have at home.

The annual informational General Assembly will be held on Saturday, September 23, at 9:00 a.m. The Convocatoria went out last Friday.

Child care for those who need it will be available in the Early Childhood area.

Have a great week!

Ms.K and Ms. Dariela



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