October 2-3

October 2-3

October is here!!! Welcome grade four community to one more month of learning and fun! This is going to be a very short week due to the Honduran government has established the October Holiday for Oct 4-7, as stated in our School Calendar.

We hope you had a great and relaxing weekend. We would like to start by giving you a reminder that this week our students will have their last Map test. Fourth A students on Monday 2nd at 10:05-11:20  and fourth B students will have it the same day at 11:40-12:55 . Please take note of this to make sure your child comes to school that day and doesn’t miss the test.

NO IXL skills this week!!!

Math: In math, we’ll be introducing pre-algebra skills; students will be learning about “variables” and how they work in mathematical expressions, so that they will be able to write expressions to represent a problem.

Reading/Writing: Our students have been working very hard these past days on their comic-book report of our class novel Stone Fox. Students will continue drafting their book using both class periods in order to advance as much as they can to be ready to present it to the younger elementary students.

Spelling: No spelling class this week, due to the fact that this is a short week.

Grammar: Students will be working on their interactive notebooks by filling in the Subject and Predicate “Jars”.

Science: We will continue our investigations into force and motion, and the types of energy that contribute to the movement of an object.  Students will begin designing vehicles using simple materials in order to make them move.



omgOctober 9 is the  due date to purchase your books online.

We highly encourage parents to help develop the habit of reading in  children by collaborating and purchasing books. It is completely beneficial for our children to read as much as they can in order to become better readers and knowledgeable as well.   Also remember that with your purchase, our library will accumulate points to redeem more books for the benefit of your children in our school. Do not miss this chance!!

The UN Day celebration is near.  This school tradition is not possible without your help. It is free to participate; your country will be given a cultural table that you can set up as you like. There is a handbook available (attached in this email) to help you prepare.  If you can’t do it by yourself, let us know: we are here to help.  We have already contacted many of you about your involvement; if you have not heard from us and want to participate, please let us know.

For questions and comments, write to us at dptowolves@gmail.com

Thank you and see you there!

Have a fun and safe long weekend!

Ms. K and Ms. Dariela



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