October 9-13

October 9-13

Welcome back grade four community!! We hope you had a restful and relaxing Morazánica week! It is time to go back on track full of energy. This is a full week and with a lot of fun activities planned for all our classes.

As every year in our school we celebrate ¨Book Character day¨,  for this reason, we encourage our students to start planing the costume they will be using to represent the character from their favorite book they had read before or from any other new novel we are reading in fourth grade. It is extremely important to keep in mind that this is not a Halloween celebration, it is simply an activity in which students have the opportunity to represent their favorite character and show their reading and communication skills. We would also like to remind parents to please use your creativity and use as many things as you might have at home that you can handmade the costume. We will be posting in the following  blog the exact day in which we will be holding this activity. A wax museum will be created by the students where they will have the chance to act like a talking statue and be able to talk about their character to the visitors we will have in class that period. Parents are welcome to come and  visit our museum.


We are very happy to celebrate the birthday of 

our lovely Luca during lunch time!! We wish you the best in this new year in your life!

This Week´s Activities

IXL Skills: Math:    G.1                                 Language: D.9

Math: In math this week we will continue working with “variables”  to write expressions to represent a problem. We also will be solving addition and subtraction equations.

Reading/Writing: In reading students will publish and be presenting their “Comic book” report to the class and younger students as well. In writing students will be introduced to our next trait of writing “Voice”.

Grammar: This week we will be focusing in identifying   the correct form of plural nouns.

Spelling: This week we will continue using more vocabulary words from our novel Stone Fox. We will also include some vocabulary from our Motion and Design unit.  Each week the students will get their words on MONDAY, they must turn in one of the activities by Wednesday. They will have the rest of the week to complete their assignments from the spelling menu. All the activities are due on Friday, right before the Spelling Test.

Science: In science this week we will be studying more concepts used in  Motion and design and the different forces that help a vehicle move.

Have a great week,

Ms. K and Ms. Dariela




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