April 16-20

April 16-20

Hello Students and parents,

Thanks for checking in our Fourth Grade Squirrels’ Blog!

**We want to remind you that our students must bring their electronic devices to school until further notice.**

This Week’s Activities:

IXL due Sunday: Math:  W.3, W.4  Language: IXL: N.4, N.6

Math: This week we will begin our new unit on Geometry. Students will distinguish between plane and solid figures. We will also study the characteristics of lines and angles.


Reading/Writing:  We will begin a research project about the famous artist Jackson Pollock.  Students will be using their reading and writing periods to research using print and digital sources.  They will then create a “textbook” about  Jackson Pollock’s life and Legacy, using the nonfiction features we have talked about in class (table of contents, bold print, bullet points, etc).

Grammar:  Students will identify and use prefixes and suffixes to make new words.

Spelling: In spelling this week, we will be working on vocabulary words from our read aloud novel The Million Dollar Shot and art concepts as well.

Social Studies: This week we will begin working on their final economics project in which they will have to advertise our school using different strategies  and programs they can use to create their advertisements.

Art: Students will be working on  a variety of strategies to create their own Klee’s painting.

Have a great week,

Ms. K & Ms. Dariela


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