May 2-4

May 2-4

 Hello everyone!  Thanks for checking in with us at our Grade 4 BlogSpot!

**We want to remind you that we are asking students to bring their personal electronics to school until further notice, we are currently working on a couple of different projects which may require students to do online research.***

This Week’s Activities

IXL due Sunday: Math: W.6 Y.1 Language: IXL: N.7, N.8

Math: In math this week we will learn to identify and make symmetric figures, construct similar figures, describe similarities and differences in different shapes and solids.

Reading/Writing:  Students will finishing working and be ready to present their research project about the famous artist Jackson Pollock.

Grammar:  We will be having a small online quiz on Prefixes and Suffixes this Friday May 3.

Science: This week we will begin our unit Waves and information. We will be having fun laboratory activities in which students will be learning how waves are formed.

Art: Students will be working on  a variety of strategies to create their own Klee’s painting.

We will begin our MAP Testing session this week as follows:

Math: 4A- Friday, May 4 at 10:05

              4B- Friday May 4 at 11:40


The Museo de Identidad Nacional (MIN)

On Wednesday, May 9, students from grades two, three, four, and five will be visiting the Museo de Identidad Nacional (MIN) for their Spanish Social Studies class.
We will be leaving at 8:15 a.m. and should be back before lunch time. We ask that students have a hearty breakfast as they will not be allowed to enter the museum with food.
We need at least TWO parents to help chaperone each grade. Upon receiving the field trip permission form, please indicate if you would be willing to help us with this.

Have a great week!

Ms. K and Ms. Dariela


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