May 14-18

May 14-18

Welcome back to another full week in Discovery Fourth Grade! Thanks for checking in, and be sure to check back throughout the week in case there are any last-minute changes!  We’re in the home-stretch, but still have lots of learning planned!

**We want to remind you that we are asking students to bring their personal electronics to school until further notice. **

This Week’s Activities:

IXLs due Sunday

Math: IXL: N.2, N.5 Language: IXL: Q.3, Q.4

Math:  In math this week we will continue with angles, on how to recognize angle measure as additive. Followed by  looking at units of measurement for length in the U.S. Customary system and fractions of an inch.

Reading: In reading last week students were introduced to our class novel James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. We will continue analyzing the introduction, setting and characters of the story as we will be learning the reading skill of  comparing  and contrasting two different books.

Spelling: We will be working on vocabulary words from our science unit and reading as well.

Grammar: This week we will be reviewing  Antonyms and Synonyms.

Science: This week in our science labs, students will learn characteristics of Waves.

Have a great week!

Ms.K and Ms. Dariela


Please mark your calendars for the first SPRING CONCERT that will take place on Wednesday May, 23 (which is no longer an early dismissal day) from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Our students modified their performances from the cancelled Songfest back in December and are ready to showcase their growth and improvement in Music class. Please join us for a musical afternoon!


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