May 28-June1

May 28-June1

Hello everyone!  We have made it to our final week of classes and are going strong.  Thank you for taking the time to check in for other important updates in our Discovery community.


**On Tuesday, May 29, we will have our End Of The Year Party at the Creperia.  Students need to bring  lps. 180 each for their breakfast.**

** This week, we’ll hold our 2nd annual Support Staff Appreciation Breakfast, on May 30, at 9:00 am. This tradition was begun last year as a collaboration between Fifth Grade and 9th/10th grade classes. This year, Fourth and Fifth Grade classes will be planning, organizing, and providing breakfast for our wonderful cleaning, maintenance, bus, cafeteria, and security staff.  Please check for which food to bring, we will share a google document with your child´s email.


This Week’s Activities

Math: In math the students will have a  chapter 10  test  on Thursday May 31 and then Cumulative Math Review throughout a series of fun games all the math concepts taught throughout the year.

Reading:  In reading this week the students will be assigned an Aesop’s fable to read and act out in groups of three, then have students, in partners, create a poster of the activities in their book about Greek Myths.

Writing: In writing class this week the students continue to work on informational writing pieces and be ready to present it at the end of the week on the author’s chairs.

Science: In science we will finish assessing our waves and information unit with a quiz.

We want to give special thanks to our students for being such a wonderful kids! Our job as teachers was easier since you were exceptional with us all the time. Thank you for being part of our lives for one year, and parents to all your support! We will miss you and will have you in our hearts. Good luck in fifth grade wherever you go! You all shine!



Ms.Karen and Ms. Dariela



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