Meet the Teachers

Greetings from Discovery School’s 4th Grade Teachers

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to our grade four blog at Discovery School. We hope that everyone is looking forward to an excellent year full of fun and learning. We are  really excited to be part of this wonderful school and We can’t wait to meet your children and start the fun!

Your grade four teachers this year are Ms. Karen Raudales and Dariela Velásquez

Hi! I´m Ms. K and I will be co-teaching with my partner Ms. Dariela Velásquez this school year. I love fourth grade and all the exploring, learning and fun we get to have. I have acquire over 21 years of teaching experience.  This year will be my seventh year working as a grade four teacher here at Discovery School. I have worked previously for several schools in Tegucigalpa.  I have a major in marketing from the Catholic University of Honduras, a Diploma as Facilitator in preschool Education and a Master´s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from Buffalo State University of New York as well. I am currently taking a major in education from the Universidad Pedagógica “Francisco Morazán that I´m planning to finish this upcoming 2018 year”

I have a beautiful family with the most wonderful parents. I am a dog lover and a mom of the cutest and young  Schnauzer ever, her name is ¨Colitas¨. She is a delight. Her most attractive quality is that she is friendly to everyone, especially children. I love photography and I aim to become a great photographer someday. I also enjoy working out, especially practicing TacFit and Yoga as well. I love traveling and making new friends. This is going to be a great year!!  I am very  excited to meet all the parents of my students, and look forward to being in close communication throughout the year. The best way to reach me  is via email:



It’s me again! Yes!!! …Can you believe it?  I’ll be co-teaching this year with Ms. K here in fourth grade and I’m truly happy and excited to welcome you and your child to this new learning adventure.

As you already know I will be teaching the 4B class. I am from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I graduated from the National Pedagogical University “Francisco Morazán” where I obtained a Licensure in Linguistics. I am currently taking a major in education at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán. I have ten years of experience teaching in elementary grades 1-5. This is my fourth year at Discovery School and I am thrilled to be teaching fourth grade.

I have a 13 years old daughter who is the light of my life. When I am not in the classroom I enjoy reading, watching movies, playing with my daughter, and hanging out with friends.

This will be a year of great fun and excitement. If you have any questions please contact me

I will be happy to help you in any way I can.

Dariela Velasquez

Here’s to a wonderful year!


Ms. K and Ms. Dariela



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